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How can Wrestling fans watch Wrestling streams online for free?

Please follow the steps below to get the new Watch Wrestling app, which is now called Potato Streams.

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You can watch this video below to better understand the processes involved in installing the app:

Or else, pay heed to these guidelines:

  • For the app to install correctly, please allow apps from unknown sources on your phone.
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  • Scroll down and tap on SECURITY.
  • Scroll down again to find UNKNOWN SOURCES
  • Allow the installation of apps other than the Play Store.
  • Your device will now ask you to confirm. Tap on OK. The download will start now.
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Our watch wrestling websites have been either taken down (or are in the process of being taken down) from all over the world.

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However, the recent internet regulations in the world have unfortunately impacted us badly.

So, what about the fans who wish to watch wrestling online instead of spending their hard-earned money?

With so many wrestling events across the world, the fans can’t afford to pay money to watch every one of them.

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So, why are the WWE Monday night raw live streams so highly coveted amongst the wrestling fans?

First of all, WWE raw full show is a weekly event.

This means the fans have to pay an incredible amount of subscription money on a monthly basis (excluding the PPVs).

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There used to be a time when the wrestling fans could watch WWE raw online for free on one of our websites.

Even the Stone Cold podcast was free and readily available before the new regulations kicked in.

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Are you one of those who prefer the Friday night Smackdown over the Monday night tapings?

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AEW is the latest wrestling promotion that has taken the US and the world by storm!

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Again, as a fan, it becomes highly unaffordable to pay for so many wrestling promotions at the same time.

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